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travis kamm

PGA Golf Instruction in Traverse City, MI

Travis Kamm

PGA Teaching Professional

Travis N. Kamm is a PGA Teaching Professional with over eighteen years of working experience in the golf instruction industry. He is a Ferris State University graduate of the Professional Golf Management Program.

Travis is a highly trained expert in video instruction, motion measurements, and golf ball data. He is specifically skilled in utilizing the necessary tools to help players play better golf. He combines knowledge, drills, and simplification to improve the technicalities of the golf swing while ensuring his students are focused on their goals and objectives. Many students choose Travis to be their lifetime coach due to his invested interest in their growth, success and goal achievement. Travis is committed to helping his students enjoy a lifetime of golf enjoyment and improvement.


Travis studies the best golf swings in the history of the game and his passion for game improvement has helped him learn that the commonalities of the best players can be learned as long as the “need” is being addressed. The “need” is defined as the current and most necessary focus on goal achievement.

After determining the “need” Travis combines knowledge, drills, and simplification to help his players achieve maximum improvement. Travis is an expert in determining the need of a golf swing with a direct focus on a player’s frustrations. For example, if a player is struggling with a slice the player must first understand the cause of a slice. The player then is shown what in his/her swing is causing the slice and what changes need to be made to rid the slice. To create change, drills are introduced and the use of simplification words is discussed.


Frustrated? The first step in becoming a better player is scheduling a Swing Analysis. This is a “first stop” service designed to introduce students to their own golf swing as well as how Travis’ teaching philosphy will fit their game.


Travis offers many instruction options from a quick check-in to a deep dive into the intricacies of the golf swing. Series and long-term plans are available.


 Maybe you have always wanted to hit that high shoft shot, maybe that low spinner sounds better or maybe you just want to improve on the shots you already know. 




“I have been coming to Travis for regular lessons for several years now. As a senior golfer, I have worked with a number of professionals over the past 30 years and in all honesty, I have never met a more personable, positive, and encouraging golf professional. His knowledge, enthusiasm, and passion for both the golf swing itself and the other aspects of the game are unparalleled in my experience. He applies his knowledge and personality in such a manner, that you cannot help but come away feeling good about yourself, both on and off the course, and your ability to improve and enjoy the game. No matter how frustrated you might become with your swing or a day on the course, seeing Travis will be the perfect tonic for your game.”

– John

I’ve been taking lessons from Travis Kamm for five years. Travis is a great instructor because he is a student of the game. In one lesson he can have you hitting the ball better than you were. I have never walked away from a lesson without learning something from Travis and having a better swing. I’m excited about golf.I’m shooting in the low 80s now down from the 100s and I know there is still room for improvement.

Travis is knowledgeable , positive and upbeat and I know he can make your golf game better.
– Mark

I am the type of person that needs to understand the why of things before I can ever understand the how of things. It has always been a challenge for me personally to find an instructor that can or is willing to take a deep dive into the golf swing. Travis is the most knowledgable instructor I have ever had the pleasure of working with. The beauty of Travis is he can explain a swing change to me in the greatest of detail then turn around and explain that very same thing to a different player in the simplest of terms. He is invested in his player’s progress and an absolute pleasure to work with. Golf has never been this fun and much of that is due to Travis’ commitment to my success on the golf course.

– Don